How To Become Unforgettable

1. Stop seeing and start doing.

Most of the people always stare at other people and criticize what other did. Sometimes it is okay to see other doing stuff but for becoming a point of talking you must go into the woods, you have to take chance, you have to break the ice.

Spend your life doing instead of watching. Cool things will happen. Cool things are a lot more interesting and a lot more memorable.

That’s especially true when you ..

2. Go Unusual

Most of the people live same life every day and they called it a life. Living seventy years repeatedly is not called a life.For an employee, going to the office, attending a meeting, giving a seminar is not a life, is it? If you are living something then its a high time to chnage. Go unusual, People remain unforgettable who did something crazy.

3. Embark On a Crazy Mission.

Remember when you were young and followed stupid ideas to their illogical conclusions? Road trips, failing the cinnamon challenge, trying to eat six saltine crackers in one minute without water–you dined out on those stories for years.

Going on “missions,” however pointless and inconvenient, was fun. In fact, the more pointless, the more fun you had, because missions are about the ride, not the destination.

So do something, just once, that adults no longer do. Drive eight hours to see a band. Buy your seafood at the dock. Or do something no one else thinks of doing. Ride along with a policeman on a Friday night (it’s the king of eye-opening experiences).

Pick something it doesn’t make sense to do a certain way and do it that way. You’ll remember it forever–and so will other people.

4. Descriptive language

 Research i has revealed interesting data about the importance of using descriptive language for retention. The more details given — such as colors, setting, tone or mood — the greater the recall of an event.

For example, I could say I’m excited to write this post. Or I could say that I woke up two hours early this morning, energized to write. I had my coffee and began jotting notes on Post-Its before heading to my laptop — spilling my drink on the light brown carpet. 

5.  let other people spread the word.

People who brag are not remembered for what they’ve done; they’re remembered for the fact they brag.

Do good things and other people will find out. The less you say, the more people remember.