Morley-Minto Reforms (Indian Councils Act 1909)

To restore the stability of British Raj after Lord Curzon’s Bengal partition, INDIAN COUNCILS ACT 1909 also known as Morley Minto reform, passed in British parliament in leadership of John Morley, the Liberal Secretary of State for India,

Major Provisions of Morley-Minto Reforms

The Act amended the Indian Councils Act 1861 and the Indian Councils Act 1892:

1. The members of the Legislative Councils, both in the centre and in the provinces, were to be of four categories: ex officio members (Governor General and the members of their Executive Councils), nominated official members (those nominated by the Governor General and were government officials), nominated non-official members (nominated by the Governor General but were not government officials) and elected members (elected by different categories of Indian people).

2. The maximum number of nominated and elected members of the Legislative Council at the Center was increased from 16 to 69, excluding ex officio members.

3. The maximum number of nominated and elected members of the provincial legislative councils, under a governor or lieutenant governor, was also increased. It was fixed as 50 in Bengal, Bombay, Madras, United Provinces, and Eastern Bengal and Assam, and 30 in Punjab, Burma, and any lieutenant-governor province created thereafter. Legislative councils were not created for provinces under a chief commissioner.

4. The right of separate electorate was given to the Muslims.

5. Official members were to form the majority but in provinces, nonofficial members would be in majority.

6. The members of the Legislative Councils were permitted to discuss budgets, suggest amendments and even vote on them except items that were included as non-vote items. They were also entitled to ask supplementary questions during the legislative proceedings.

7. The Secretary of State for India was empowered to increase the number of the Executive Councils of Madras and Bombay from two to four.

8. Two Indians were nominated to the Council of the Secretary of State for Indian Affairs.

9. The Governor-General was empowered to nominate one Indian member to his Executive Council.


Shape Of You singer Ed Sheeran’s Mumbai concert dates are out

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After pop star Justin Bieber, ” Shape of You ” singer Ed Sheeran is also coming to India to perform at JioGarden BKC on Sunday, 19 November in Mumbai. the concert is the part of his world tour to support his third studio album, divide.

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The ticket prices will begin from Rs 4,750 and the registration for the tickets will begin on Tuesday, July 4, at 12 in the noon and he tickets will start going on sale from July 12.

“India is clearly emerging as a live entertainment destination, with fans here showing immense promise and appetite for international musical acts. We are eager to put India on the global entertainment map by providing access to millions of fans. We look forward to welcoming Ed Sheeran and are committed to ensure that the event is a phenomenal success,” said Kunal Khambhati, Head of Live Events of BookMyShow.


Mr. P.M. and Farmer Protest

Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh is burning,  six farmers dead in police firing, several injured in rampant violance.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a self-declared son of a farmer, is doing nothing in favor of protestors. And  ” Pradhan Sevak ” of country Shri Narendra Modi pretending that he is unaware of the incident and enjoying the foreign trip in the name of multilateral and bilateral engagements.

Whenever an attack or any natural disaster occurs on foreign land, Pradhan Sevak responds immediately and tweet but I am confused what happened to Pradhan Shavak when it comes to country’s internal matter.what is the meaning of his silence on critical issues whether it is Saharanpur violence, Gujarat violence, Beef ban or now M.P. violence.

Pradhan Sevak has been on foreign Trip since 2014 in the name of multilateral and bilateral engagements, but things are same, nothing has changed. The main idea he is missing is that change starts from home, not from foreign land.

“Food police”:- BJP lawmaker want ban on Momo

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BJP lawmaker MLC Ramesh Arora has started a new war on momo- one of the most loves street food in North Indian cities.

the politician called the dumplings both addictive and dangerous and believe they should be banned immediately. “”Our teenager are getting addicted to the MOMO like drugs. which is dangerous to their health. we have to stop it” said Ramesh Arora.

According to a report by the National Herald, there seem to be undertones of xenophobia in Arora’s rhetoric as, he is conscious of the fact that “foreigners including Bangladeshi and Burmese” are usually the ones involved in the Momo business.

Arora even organized a seminar on the subject in Jammu which was attended by senior members of Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, doctors and academics besides officials from the municipal corporation, Drug and Food Control Department and the district administration.

After the beef ban, the ruling party is now playing with Momo. The reasoning behind beef ban was sentiment of people carrying Hindutva, and it was acceptable also but whatever reasoning behind ban of Momo given by Mr. Arora was baseless as ” Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that regulates and supervises food and drugs in the United States claims on its website ( that the controversial Ajinomoto— trade name for the company’s original monosodium glutamate (MSG) product—is “generally recognised as safe”.




Madhya Pradesh Farmer Protest:- Why Mandsaur is angry, Here is five reason……..

Madhya Pradesh farmer protest turned ugly on Tuesday when six farmers were killed and five farmers injured in two different locations incidents. The protest started on  June 1, 2017, in which farmers are asking for a wide range of demands but five demands are major as follow….


  1.  In 2016, India received 3% less rainfall than average rainfall after the two-year drought. According to govt.  food production increased in 2016, but despite that farmers fell to get more profit and now they are demanding higher crop prices to cover their input.
  2. the rainfall came after two-year massive drought, so farmer’ second demand is to provide a compensatory package.
  3. apart from this, the farmers are also demanding that they should be given 50 per liter of milk bought from them as they spend 37 per liter on production cost.
  4.  Government decision of demonetization gave a serious jolt to these farmers as most of the business related to agriculture made through cash payment.  Now, farmers demanding that theirs half of due’s in mandi’s should be given in cash and the remaining in bank account via electronic transfer.
  5. another demand is to book the policeman who shot the farmer in mandsaur.



Nokia 3, 5, nad 6 arriving in Finland Tomorrow.

The most awaited Android version of Nokia phone is going to launch in its home country Finland on 6th June 2017. According to information, specifications and the current price of the new version of legend Nokia are still unknown.



Nokia is going to launch in India on 13th June 2017, as the report  says.

Blackberry KeyOne:- 5 Best thing even other can’t afford

This phone you may be considered as a comeback of blackberry in mobile phone market after struggling many years. This time blackberry comes with new stunning design, slim body and most importantly with ANDROID version. Some are very impressive features it is carrying.

So while I simply need to spend more time testing the phone before I know how well the KeyOne has lived up to its promise, I will share what I like so far, and what hasn’t connected. Check back for my final assessment of a production device, ratings and all.


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Smaller than Iphone-7 plus and larger than Google pixel, KeyOne is carrying 4.5 inches screen space with signature style Keypad, having about 60% screen to body ratio. The weight of the device is about 180gram which is pretty much, most of the devices coming within the range of 130-150 gram.

if you don’t mind the small screen, and weight then this is a better to buy it now.




If you are keypad lover or you feel comfortable with a keyboard then this is your chance to buy it right away because no other phone is with a keyboard, most importantly this is a capacitive touch keyboard so you can swipe either left or right. And you can map a long or short press of any key to launch an app or shortcut — up to 52 of them in total (good luck remembering them all). The phone will even suggest apps or contacts pair too, such as “I” for “Instagram,” “Y” for “Yelp” and “M” for “Mom.”



Yes, this time blackberry took one step ahead to counter HTC or Samsung’s edge phone, now you can open multi tabs on the same screen at a time, or you can place tabs on the side wall of the screen.There’s also a Settings menu you can access to customize the tab’s size, placement, and transparency.



It has 12 MP primary camera with dual LED flash, In other feature, the camera has manual mode as well as automatic mode. If you are videography lover or photography lover then you can also take panorama mode and HDR mode.

An 8-megapixel front-facing camera takes straightforward selfies. You can apply the usual filters.


BlackBerry fans will be glad to see BlackBerry Hub, which is a universal message inbox and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), as well as the Dtek app for peering into your phone’s security protocols. The KeyOne will work with the BES server. In addition to everyday buyers, the folks behind the BlackBerry brand are also reaching out to businesses and government agencies to support the phone.