Time, which is unstoppable, has power to heal everything. sometime we hurt ourselves, more than anyone. when someone hurt us, we usually take it as it is only happening with us, and we have a sense of insecurity deep inside heart which leads to take at a verge of so much insecurity that we suffer from trust issue.
our heart, emotions are like a bottle of water, sometime it filled with someone’s presence, when that someone left our life than it all started with since of insecurity we usually close the cap of bottle, it suffocate, we live a wrost life but we even don’t dare to open the cap due to trust issue and insecurity. In deep inside of heart we all know that we have to open the cap of bottle and pour some water in it otherwise a hollowness always haunt us. The point is you can’t live with the memories that only haunt you n make you cry, you can well come someone only when you overcome pseudo relationship.
Just open the cap of bottle and well come all new relationship with air.